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Lara Abuzeid’s Reviews

  • I was referred to Ms. Abuzeid when I was dealing with custody and related issues. My potential and likely consequences were said to be losing complete legal and physical custody and never to see my son again. Lara and her staff took action and completely prevented this. She was completely professional and extremely empathetic while effectively communicating my options and how to best proceed. I would recommend and also personally contact Lara and her services if I ever have another legal need.
  • I hired Ms. Lara Abuzeid last year for a breach of contract cause of action. Ms. Abuzeid is very sharp, creative, and strong. I appreciated her professionalism and responsiveness. She was compassionate and truly cared about keeping me in the know throughout the process. On top of that, she successfully won a judgment in my favor. I recommend her without any hesitation. Thank you!
    Wonderful Experience
  • Lara has been able to help me immensely. She thoroughly devotes time and effort into every detail put forth, and never fails to offer the best advice and guidance when I need it. Lara is extremely reliable in her responsibilities and well versed with her knowledge, and this greatly shows in the dedication she invests. I would definitely recommend her to any client.
    Excellent service
  • Lara is knowledgeable about family law and is always willing to listen to your ideas. If she does not know something she will NOT blow you off and comes back with an answer. I feel comfortable with Lara at court and know she does have my best interest at heart. She has done a good job for me since my case is now going on its fifth year. I have had several lawyer who play the "game" striping you of all of your money. Lara is the only one who has been able to get trial dates. Lara is good at what she does and easy to work with. She's a Mighty Mouse.
    Drug through the MUD
  • I had a 9/10 complicated Probate case and Lara handled it wonderfully! My first attorney messed up nearly every aspect of the case and dragged it out for nearly 3 years. He abandoned my case just prior to the trial date. In in need of an immediate attorney to represent me, I asked Lara to pick up the case. Lara quickly (and I mean quickly!) got up to speed with the case and was able to straighten out most of the mess that the case was in . She was able to prepare the case and conduct the depositions so that we could go to trial within 9 months. And we WON!!! Lara and her staff were awesome! After the case was over we still had some legal issues to iron out with the county recorder's office, and Lara stayed with me for that. I love working with Lara and her staff! They are so diligent, knowledgeable, kind, personable, honest, and up-front...all adjectives that are not usually used to describe attorneys. There were times when I needed someone to "talk me off the ledge" when I was panicking about the case and the trial, and there was always someone from Lara's office who was there to give me perspective about the process. Lara is the epitome of effectiveness and kindness. She never puts anyone in a defensive position (even the opponent) and yet is very effective at obtaining information at a deposition or cross-examining at trial. It's amazing how she does that! Even if we had lost our case, I would feel the same about Lara and her staff. Would I use Lara again? Without hesitation!
    Kathleen Nelson
    Excellent Exprience with an attorney!
    Kathleen Nelson
  • Ms. Abuzeid protected my interests in an accident with injury case that arose as the result of an accident that my son was involved in. When I realized that I was being sued because I was on title for my son's vehicle and my son's insurance company was not going to represent me or protect my interests I sought out an attorney. Ms. Abuzeid came very highly recommended to me by a friend of mine. I was very nervous and upset about being sued but Ms. Abuzeid was very knowledgeable and put me at ease throughout the process. She was tough, honest and sincere and she got the job done while being mindful of my cost. The case against me was dismissed with no liability or fault attributed to me and I did not have to pay the plaintiffs anything. I would certainly recommend Ms. Abuzeid to anyone looking for a fair and honest attorney to represent them in their legal matters.
    Listens to the Client's Needs and Works on Solutions
  • I had a civil case that 3 lawyers told me I do not have a good case. Ms. Abuzeid was recommended to me by a friend whom she helped. Her office was very professional and she explained all the steps to me. She was very upfront and went the extra mile even when i would call in a panick or with a question. She is a tough lady and I am glad that I stuck with her. She got me what i wanted even after consultation with three big firms that just told me i had a weak case. I will only use her law office for any future needs
    I found a good lawyer refreshingly honest
  • Lara and her staff are friendly and very knowledgeable! I like that they were honest and up front with me from the beginning. They helped me get through the hard times (family & estate) and I wouldn't have had the results I have if it were not for Lara and Andrew. Thank you!
    Outstanding Family and Estate Law
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